Final dissemination conference and management meeting

Medilingua’s final Dissemination Conference was held on 20th of November 2015 in Rzeszow, Poland. The event “TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION TRANSFER FOR EMERGENCY MEDICINE IN EUROPE” was organized by the University of Rzeszów as one of Medlingua’s partners. Over 200 participants attended and were introduced to the project outcomes, including the courses, podcasting technologies, the Medilingua platform, and the positive outcomes from the project’s testing results. Some of the topics covered during the event were “Using podcasting in the learning process”, “The evaluation of IT incorporation and foreign language skills among paramedics in Europe”, “Examples of IT tools used in learning a foreign language in medical sector”, and Emergency Medical Service in Portugal and in the UK. As part of the conference several practical workshops were organized to involve participants in different aspects of the Medilingua project and courseware. All project partners took part in the conference.

Prior to the event, the project partners all attended the Final management meeting, at which the project progress, final results, and future step were discussed.


Medilingua - Testing

Testing by paramedics will continue from  June to September 2015. 25 paramedics from Bulgaria, Germany and Portugal and 50 paramedics from Poland will test the platform. The draft version of the Testing plan envisages that each tester should complete at least 2 questionnaires in order to provide the partnership with  their feedback on the functionality of the platform. Members of the partnership will summarize the testing results and will fully support paramedics if they encounter some difficulties in the testing process.

Apart  from paramedics the testers could be nurses, fire brigade staff, paramedics’ educators, etc. All participants in the testing phase will receive a certificate. As a leader of the testing activities Gesaude will supervise their implementation in all partner countries. The Portuguese partner is also responsible for the creation of the Common report from  testing which will be prepared after the end of the  testing process. Participating in the testing paramedics will help for developing a product that will be very useful for themselves and in the meantime improve their English language knowledge.

Second Dissemination Workshop in Poland

The workshop was divided into two parts. First was theroretical during which, after short description of Danmar Computers and its experience in EU funded projects, the main assumptions and aims of LLP were presented, then the Medilingua project itself together with the partnership presentation. The second part was derdicated to the presentation of the Delivery System and its content. Participants had a chance to go through units, try exercises and listen to the audios. Dissemination materials: leaflets, notepads and pens were distributed among the paramedics.

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Medilingua at Academic Job Fair

On April 15th, in Rzeszów, Academic Job fair took place. It was organized by the Office of Career Services at the University of Rzeszow and Department of Information, Career and Promotion of Rzeszow University of Technology. Department of Medicine from URz displayed information about Medilingua project on their stand. The stand attracted a lot of interest.

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Second Dissemination Workshop in Bulgaria

The Second National Dissemination Workshop under project MEDILINGUA- Advancing Vocational Competences in Foreign Languages for Paramedics (2013-1-PL1-LEO05-37769) in Bulgaria was organized on the 26-th of March 2015 at the office of Center Runi in Sofia. 10 highly qualified and experienced paramedics participated in the workshop. They have graduated at different training centers or colleges in Bulgaria and are now working for several public and private emergency centers.

The programme of the workshop included several aspects:

  • Presentation of the Lifelong Learning Programme.
  • Introduction to the project, its aims and the results that have been accomplished so far.
  • Distribution of project dissemination materials among the participants.
  • Presentation of the Podcasts Creation Guide.
  • Discussion about the results of the research phase of the project.
  • Presentation of the first two units of the LMS platform.
  • Informing paramedics on the forthcoming testing phase and enrollment of participants for it.

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